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Cannabis For Swiss Climate

Our seeds are bred in Switzerland so you know your seeds will work in your rugged mountain climate.

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Swiss Alps Cannabis Seeds

Our Authentic Swiss Strains will surely exceed your expectation for quality and taste.

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Proprietary Swiss Marijuana

We breed proprietary Swiss Cannabis strains that can only be found here. Grown by top Swiss breeders.

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Swiss Seed Bank, Cannabis Seeds Grown Organically With The Best Mountain Water, Soil, Organic Cow Patties, And Fresh Alpin Air

Swiss Seed Bank, Cannabis Seeds make the greatest tasting cannabis. It’s because everything here is so lush, producing organic nutrient dense buds. If you’ve never tasted Swiss milk or real local cheeses before, i’ll explain.

  1. Switzerland has different laws and we don’t use nasty chemicals and fertilizers. Our cannabis is grown in the best environment there is. 
  2. Our cows eat outdoors in the green pastures, getting exercise and we don’t feed them genetically modified corn. Cow dung is also nutrient dense and organic, making the pastures greener and making the best organic fertilizers for cannabis production.
  3. The soil here is nutrient dense. This keeps our cows healthy and this also passes onto its milk giving it a rich flavour full of nutrients. Just try to taste American milk then taste Swiss milk, there is no comparison in quality. The same is for Swiss grown cannabis. Outstanding quality you can taste. 
  4. Swiss mountain water is full of micro-nutrients that make the cows and you’re cannabis grow heathy and strong.

Have you ever wondered why Swiss Seeds is the world’s only leading provider of cannabis seeds, grown from the most organic and cared for cannabis plants on Earth. The Swiss alpine conditions with her crisp air and natural mineral mountain water cannot be matched, and makes her offspring resistant to cold climates and high altitudes. 

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