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Alpine Berry is full of tasty berries and you'll love how she does outdoors in the cool windy climates of moutains regons like the Swiss Alps.

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Alpine Berry for those hard core growers that live where its really cold.

Alpine Berry is a very fruity and low growing plant suitable for cold climates. She loves to breath in the Swiss Mountain Air and produce purple, even deep red fan leaves. She loves to produce quality pain relieving buds which is light years above and beyond today’s medical grade marijuana. Known around those suffering from Pancreatic Cancer as “Miracle Berry Bud”.

Swiss Alpine Berry grows in high altitudes and can withstand snow, freezing rain, sleet and hail. She is very rugged and pest resistant. Her smoke is a bit heavy on your lungs, as the smoke density is not very light, but it is surprising easy on your lungs from her soothing berry flavour. Please don’t mix her with any tabbaco when rolling a joint, you only take away her cancer fighting medical properties by adding toxins from chemically produced cigarettes.

Nice for growing outdoors in Alaska
  • qualiy of bud


She does grow well outdoors in the mountains, she survived one of Alaska's coldest grow seasons

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1 review for Alpine Berry

  1. Peter Huis

    My reason for buying these seed was to help my syster, who was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer on May 12, 2013. We decided not to use Chemo, as she eats healthy and refused to but poisons into her body. She was very sick last fall, and I was looking for a natural cure when I found this site.

    I had never grown Cannabis before, but I have a good way with plants. The seeds all sprouted easily and the packaging was very beautiful. The plants grew without any problems and we only used organic fertilizers and local spring water for the feedings.

    It’s now March 2016, and I am happy to say my syster is doing well and the cancer is gone. I can’t give all the credit to swiss seeds, but they did play a role in her deeper healing. Many of her pains, mentally and physically were helped and greatly reduced by smoking Alpine Berry.

    The owner is very helpful and honest and I thank her for being there along my systers darkest journey.

  2. Bastien Huber

    they sell very good seeds and genetics for growing in the Alps.

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