Swiss Cheese


Swiss Cheese is a stinky strain many confuse for a Skunk, but she's a UK Skunk specially bred here in Switzerland outdoors for over 20 years.


Swiss Cheese has a pungent aroma and pain killing effects. UK Cheese lineage, bred better and tastier in Switzerland. Does okay outdoors in the South of Switzerland but not in the cooler mountains.

Skunky Swiss Strain That Pleases The Mind
  • Quality of Buds - 4.8/10


She has lots of resin and red hairs, typical of a skunk strain, but the quality of her breeding is outmatched. The best Skunk strain I've come across in over 55 years

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  1. Lucas Weiscz

    If your feeling down, and want to wind down and relax and feel uplifted, then I used their Swiss Bliss strain. When you have back pain, then I use their Swiss Cheese because it’s about twice as potent as the UK Cheese strain I was using, and I made sure I used swiss cheese for months, so i didn’t just feel less pain switching to a new strain, I don;t build up a tolerance to swiss cheese like i do uk cheese. I hope that is helpful information for all you suffering with chronic back pain.

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