Swiss Euphoria


Sit back, relax and experience pleasure like never before


Swiss Euphoria Bud is top grade, top shelf euforic and up-lifting. Great for those down days you need to get moving and get some energy.

Fasy acting and happy cerebral
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The finest quality herb I've had, hands down. This is pure quality, pure and simple. A must try and a staple to have in a glass jar in the cupboard.

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1 review for Swiss Euphoria

  1. Jo Buhler

    I was baked for 10 hours and it was just too long.

  2. Chet Zimmermann

    Fast shipping and very good genetics and it has a nice taste I can enjoy over and over again.

  3. Valentin Brunner

    Soaring high which helps me focus on skiing. Added plus is I felt warmer after getting high on the slopes.

  4. Cedric Baumann

    Solid hearty strains that grew as they said. I personally kicked the snow and ice off when I harvested last year.

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