Why Swiss Seeds Are Number 1

Swiss Seeds Are Number 1 because we only use cow manure for organic fertilizer. If you didn’t know this already, Swiss cows are better taken care of then its people. They graze on the best pastures in the world and we also feed them the perfect ratio of Swiss oil and nutrient rich organic hemp seeds to help with their nutrition and digestion to provide the highest quality cow patties, which grow our plants into the finest quality Cannabis, Period.

All our seeds are hand selected and harvested at twilight, trapping in the suns energy. You’ll have 100% germination rates because we MRI test every seed against any defects before they are packaged.

Swiss Seeds are famous for helping those suffering with Cancer.

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  1. Lucas Weiscz on March 26, 2016 at 3:30 am

    and also because they have intellent breeders like Hans

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